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What We Sell

We sell our own produce, herbs, eggs and honey.  We also sell a curated collection of locally and sustainably produced food and other items, including: pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb and certified organic chicken; locally roasted coffee; local craft beer, wine and soda; cheese, milk, yogurt and kefir; risotto, polenta and other grains; woodwork; soap; pottery and more! It's all local, and from small-scale producers like us, so the selection varies.  Come see what we have!

What We Sell
Your Choice CSA Program - 2023

Here at SSF, we take food (and health) seriously, which is why we are committed to growing all our food with approved organic methods and practices, with our soil, water, and wild neighbors all in mind. While we farm using organic practices, we are not currently “certified organic."  Feel free to ask us about our growing practices and how we tend to the soil, tour our farm, and get to know us!

2023 CSA Share Details:


Our CSA Program is all about giving you enough options to make it work for you.  We want to enable everyone to have access to healthy food grown locally and are continually improving and adjusting our offerings based on feedback and sales. 

We currently have 2 payment options:  Pay up front for the season and buy what you like until your credits are gone OR choose a weekly payment plan to help budget for your spending on local food just as you would for regular groceries.  Payments are taken on Fridays.  We also participate in a number of employer reimbursement programs, so if your employer has one of these, just let us know and we will get you whatever documentation you need...


Option 1) Full Share – Weekly automatic charge of $30.00

Less than the cost of lunch for 2 at a local restaurant!  Your weekly payment gets you a 15% discount on any and all products we carry in our store, including:  veggies, herbs, value-added products, fresh free-range eggs and more...   All produced right here on the farm.  In addition, we have stocked the store with other great things, made and grown by other farms and food producers we love - like pastured beef, lamb, pork and chicken, local beer and wine, local cheeses, goat’s milk soaps and bath products, value-added products, handmade gifts, pottery and much more...


Option 2) Half Share – Weekly automatic charge of $20.00

Designed for smaller families or singles, the half share is easy to use up each week.  You can have beautiful farm fresh veggies, eggs, dried herbs and other value-added goodies to enjoy, all season long!  Your weekly payment gets you a 10% discount towards our products and all other products made and grown by other farms and food producers we love - like pastured beef, lamb, pork and chicken, local beer and wine, local cheeses, goat’s milk soaps and bath products, value-added products, handmade gifts, pottery, and much more... 


Length Options:  Everyone Loves Options!


       Option A:  27 weeks – Whole Season Share from May 13th – Nov. 12th

       Option B:  18 weeks – Height of Season Share from June 15th – Oct. 15th

       Option C1: 10 weeks – Early Season Share from May 13th – July 16th

       Option C2:  10 weeks – Late Season Share from Sept. 8th - Nov. 12th

NEW - Limited Delivery

New limited delivery will be offered as a beta test in 2023.  We are offering home delivery to CSA customers who live within a 5 mile radius from our regular wholesale delivery routes.  We deliver on Thursdays and Fridays, depending on the route.  Deliveries will be made throughout the day and your order will be left outside in a designated location.  If you are not able to be home for your delivery, we require that a cooler be left out for us to place your order into to help keep it fresh and cold during the hot summer months.  This service is a beta test only and while we are hopeful that it will enable many more people to take advantage of our CSA, we reserve the right to discontinue this service at any time if it proves too cumbersome or there are complaints about quality from product being left outside.

Please click HERE to be taken to a PDF with the full description of our CSA Program. 

Love what we are offering? 

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2023 Farm Store Hours

Thursday - Saturday: 10 am to 5:30 pm

Sunday: 10 am to 3 pm

Closed Monday - Wednesday

or By Appointment

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