Our Produce

We grow a wide range of vegetables using only organic and sustainable practices, both in field and in our high tunnels and propagation house, which provide valuable season extension. Crops in 2022 include: several varieties of lettuce; spinach; kale and other greens; Bok Choy; radishes; beets; turnips; onions; scallions; peas; beans; garlic; heirloom tomatoes; hot peppers; sweet peppers; summer squash; winter squash; carrots; herbs and much much more...  What is available at any particular time depends on the season, the weather gods, our walk-in cooler, and what all of you have asked for and bought consistently.  We are always experimenting with different varieties and do appreciate your feedback, which helps us select only the best varieties of vegetables to grow.  We focus on taste and quality and strive to sell only the best!  Like all produce grown on local farms using sustainable methods, our stuff tastes better than vegetables grown on industrial mono-culture farms from far away.  And it’s much better for you!  Vegetables harvested and eaten fresh from healthy soil contain more nutrients than vegetables that have been stored and shipped.  Try one of our field grown tomatoes and you'll taste the difference! 


Our Chickens


We have a small flock of heritage breed laying chickens, producing eggs for our own consumption and for the farm store, and generally tending to the soil around the store and house.  They spend their days outside eating stuff that makes their eggs delicious.  And good for you.  They especially love Tomato Hornworms and leftover lettuce and we are happy to oblige them...


Our Bees


We have two hives of our own bees, accompanied by two hives of bees owned by the master beekeepers at Switchback Farms.  Maisie and Matt (owners of Switchback) provide valuable intellectual and spiritual support, and help with the actual care of our bees.  We also have Switchback honey and honey products in the farm store.